J!NX Quarter Mile

Back in 2016, while we were leading up to relaunch of the J!NX Brand, I helped art direct a brand video to coincide with our upcoming apparel line.

That video was called The Quarter Mile, a story of the struggle we faced as gamers when you’re all out of quarters at the arcade, you’ve got 10 seconds on the continue screen and the quarter machine is miles away.

It was a labor of love and I got to collaborate with a solid team of designers, pixel artist, videographers and 3d editors to create this gem.

Starring Derrick Acosta of Mega64, Jace Hall, Victoria Truscott, Fallon Forte
Directed by Brett DeWall
Written by Jorge Tirado, Scott Benner, Sean Gailey, Brett DeWall
Animated by Brett DeWall, Aaron Kasten
Sound by Brett DeWall
Produced by Sean Gailey
Additional thanks to Hazen Becker, Christina Hamill, Erica Munoz & Brendon Keeley