J!NX 2018 Brand Identity

Brand Voice

We’re the guildies that you raid with until your eyes are blurry. We’re that annoying bastard that wrecks your whole team and doesn’t let you forget it. We’re that friend you’ve gamed with for years, but that you’ve never actually met. We’re all the people that you’ve connected with through a passion for gaming and competition.

Logo Redesign

For the past year I’ve been working on redesigning my company brand identity. Our old logo was great for us, it had character and gave us a voice to express our fandom of video games for over 10 years.

I wanted this new logo to keep the same sensibilities but carry a harder edge to it.  A logo that cuts like a knife.  I feel that this new logo helps us truly express the attitude and humor we all share at J!NX.

Brand Identity

Pattern Design

Graphic Inspiration

Art Direction


Event Design / Visual Merchandising