Garbage Can Critters

What started off as a frighting encounter of running into a pack loitering critters outside my trash can on night, turned into a fun creative hobby of trying to find them where every I go.  I travel a lot for work, and often get a chance to explore around the city a bit.  Everywhere I go, I’m subconsciously looking for places these critters would most likely hang out.  I capture photographs constantly of interesting and curious locations.  I’d draw little characters over pictures I take while walking around.  Sketchy alleyways, grimy dumpsters any place that would make sense for these critters to dwell.  Soon little characters and scenarios started to develop.  I call them The Garbage Can Critters, a pack of street wise feral critters that are living in an urban jungle trying to plan their next come up.

It’s woodland critters meets GTA.


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