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I’m a multi-disciplined freelance designer and brand Creative Director at J!NX.com. I have over 10 years of experience in art direction, illustrations, brand identity, apparel, and graphic design. I’m passionate about my craft, love to solve creative challenges and thrive on helping small businesses succeed. I’m always open for commission work, drop me a line if you’d like to collaborate and create something cool.

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Alycia Yerves

Alycia Yerves Art Director


Jorge is a fabulously talented designer and illustrator with a stylized, colorful, and action-focused flair, who is awesome to work with, and who takes direction very well. He is thorough and professional, and I have loved partnering with him on a recent large design project for one of our clients. I highly recommend hiring him for his outstanding work and creative problem-solving skills!

Hunter Bond

Hunter Bond Commercial Photographer & Marketing Consultant


Jorge is passionate, enthusiastic, and not afraid to try out new ideas. These are qualities you want in someone charged with keeping a brand vital. His background in design is strong, and his aesthetic tastes are eclectic and well informed. Jorge is a great conversationalist, and his love for what he does is infectious. Working with Jorge is always enjoyable, because he can not only keep up the pace of rapid fire creative brainstorming, but he can keep even nimble thinkers on their toes.

Steven Pottschmidt

Steven Pottschmidt Clark's Bait Shop & Brewery


Jorge has made a good impression on Clark’s Bait Shop + Brewery. Over the past few months he has quickly became a trusted and indispensable creative consultant. His hard work and dedication were noted and much appreciated. Jorge understands brand strategy and standards, he develops illustrations that are on brand and move the narrative forward. Jorge’s strength is his ability to translate creative direction and apply his considerable experience to the task at hand, deploying an efficient work process and a great attitude. He is a good listener and dives quickly into getting the job done. He knows what needs to be done and will move the project forward without requiring additional direction. Jorge has proven himself to be an insightful team member and our creative directors have no problem asking for his assistance with whatever they were working on.

Lauren Lee (Geisbert) Lehman

Lauren Lee (Geisbert) Lehman L3 Healthcare Solutions


I highly recommend Jorge. He did a great job on our creative project; wonderful designs and just what we needed. His work was timely, and Jorge was responsive and professional. He is a terrific collaborator and communicator and requires little direction! We will be a repeat customer.


I’ve done all types of design work for these clients over the years.  Everything from creating web campaign assets, designing merchandise and apparel, developing web stores, designing print ads, to art directing product videos.