Hi, I’m Jorge Tirado

draw things for a living.

I spend my days making art, playing music and selling prints.  Check them out below.

Art Store



I will guide thy hand.

Awakening Giants


J!NX Valentine’s Day Tee 2015 Project

Welcome to 2015

The Box


Garbage Can Critters

Space Cats

Bodhi, you rascal

Crow Rider

Dog Daze

Catnip Cat

L’Enfant Sauvage

The Merry Pixie Virginia

Big Ass King Arthur

Live Slow, Die Whenever

Take me somewhere nice

Heat ’em up!

Monster City Jailhouse

Summer Is Over

Another addition to my sketchbook.

Blanka, The Apex Predator

A Blanka piece I created for a Street Fighter Art Exhibition.


An inspired piece from one of my all time favorite sci-fi movies.

Sounds Of The Forest

Trying out an old favorite moleskine sketchbook drawing on a new medium.

About Me

I’m Jorge Tirado, a multi-disciplined designer living in San Diego, CA.  I’m also a Creative Director at J!NX.com. Throughout my career I’ve explored many aspects of creative design, such as illustration, photography, print design, web design and multimedia.  I’m inspired by rad illustrations, vinyl toys, music, space and ocean stuff.   I’m always open for commission work, drop me a line if you’d like to collaborate and create something cool.



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